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Membership Application


Membership defined by level of benefits, not number of employees.

All members: Electronic newsletter, priority invitations and reminders, invitation to participate on SVTC committees, use of the SVTC membership directory listing to their advantage (150 words). Post open jobs as well as publicity in newsletter and website. Any member may buy into a higher category at any time to get the higher benefits.

Active participation by each member is what makes the difference for all.

  • Student: $25 Individual enrolled in high school or college
  • Individual: $100; any one person. SVTC membership directory description focuses on person, includes company/organization name, but not company/organization's address or phone. (*)
  • Level 1 membership: $200. SVTC membership directory includes company/organization description, address, phone number and web address.
  • Level 2 membership: $500. Includes Level 1 benefits PLUS inclusion of member-supplied marketing materials at 2 SVTC events, 5 mins. of floor time at same event(s), mention of event sponsorship in SVTC newsletter & SVTC online calendar. (*)
  • Level 3 membership: $1,200. Includes Level 2 benefits PLUS: logo on SVTC website entry page, logo on SVTC newsletter, logo on SVTC event banners at council events. Level 3 member's logo etc. will be included in other opportunities as they present themselves (e.g. logo on t-shirts). (*)

(*) excludes TechNite (Gala)

Membership Benefits Brochure