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Event Presentations

From time to time our speakers will provide a copy of their presentation so those who missed the event may view the content. Please remember these presentations are for information only, and we ask that you do not copy or use without permission. Thank you.

A History of SVTC Luncheon & Event Topics and Presentors (04/2007-05/2017)



October 24, 2013:  Speaker: Dr. Walter Moos, Vice President of BioSciences for SRI International, spoke about 

The Complex Relationship between the Economics of Drugs and Innovation--Discovering, testing, and providing new lifesaving medicines to the world's growing population is a rewarding undertaking. Yet it is fraught with the challenges of maintaining and increasing the spirit of creativity and commitment that makes successful pharmaceutical research possible. What forces determine whether worthwhile drugs are developed and reach those suffering from serious illnesses and diseases.  In recent years, academic and nonprofit organizations have started to play ever more important roles in bringing new drugs to market. This lecture will provide a glimpse of SRI's efforts, particularly in the Shenandoah Valley, in developing life-­saving drugs and diagnostics.

View Slides of Dr. Moos Presentation (pdf)


February 21, 2013:  Speaker: Dr. Mike Mitri, JMU Professor of Computer Information Systems and Interim Department Head, CIS & BSAN, spoke regarding the need to understand SQL Injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other web-originating information security vulnerabilities. These can have severe negative impacts, and minimizing these threats is an important consideration for application developers!  Dr. Mitri gave an overview of OWASP, and showed how to apply best programming practices for thwarting common web security threats. View the slides from Dr. Mitri's SQL / OWASP Presentation (pdf).

January 24, 2013:  Craig Drinkhall, Lumos Networks VP of Product Management and Engineering, offered insights into how organizations can maximize their security in the cloud. His networking security considerations included:
1. private network vs. public internet to reach your cloud applications; 2. access and encryption technologies for protecting data in transit; 3. network capacity and resiliency in your path to the cloud.  View the slides from Craig Drinkhall's "Security in the Cloud" presentation (pdf).

October 18, 2012:  Mike Drzal, Chair of Technology and Venture Capital Practice at LeClairRyan, gave his presentation on Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act  "Where Angels Fear to Tread."  Crowdfunding has been widely touted as the answer to every company's fundraising challenges. Not so fast. Crowdfunding may address some limited fundraising needs, but it may foreclose others, including angel and VC funding. Think ahead and look before you leap. Click here to view the slides from Mike Drzal's "Where Angels Fear to Tread presentation (pdf).


September 19, 2012:  Dr. Jonathan Miles, Director of the Virginia Center for Wind Energy (VCWE) and ISAT professor, and VCWE colleagues gave a tour of the Small Wind Training & Testing Facility at JMU and educated us on its purpose and goals, including facility equipment and hardware, curriculum development, and activities to be conducted on-site.  Heres a link to a slideshow outlining some of the information from the tour (pdf).


November 17, 2011, SVTC Luncheon: Speaker, Dr. Robert Underwood, Rockingham Memorial Hospital.  Click here to view the slides from the Electronic Medical Records Presentation (pdf)


May 18, 2011, SVTC Luncheon:  Speaker, Mike Lam, Premier Technical Services.  Click here to view the slides from the Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Presentation (pdf)


April 2011, Special Event:  GAP Funds Information Session.   Presentations from the session:


Summary:   Avoid being a statistic - 93% of companies who lost their data for 10 days or more as a result of a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy immediately and 70 percent of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.  Are you prepared? Define your backup strategies, implement and protect your data and your customers sensitive data.


March 24, 2011, SVTC luncheon: Speaker, Mark Herzog, Director, Virginia Biotechnology Association. Title: Technology-based Economic Development Initiatives & Policies, and How Your Company Can Benefit (pdf)

Summary: In the last three years, the Virginia General Assembly has taken bold steps to support the growth of emerging technology companies, especially those with connections to Virginia's universities. In a short span of about 26 months, technology advocates have won passage of bills to incentivize angel investors, benefit tech-investing venture capital firms, match SBIR grants, and pass new tax laws that provide refundable credits for R&D expenses. Mark Herzog, executive director of the Virginia Biotechnology Association, the sponsor of these technology-based economic development initiatives, will provide the latest details on how your company can benefit and what new opportunities are around the corner.

Click here to view the presentation slides from our December 9, 2010 Luncheon:  Facebook Marketing.  Speaker: Todd Wickersty, Founder, Business Bullpen. How to customize your Facebook page and presence so your organization stands out amongst the competition. Outside of location based social networks, the focus for 2010 (especially locally) has been an increase in the use of Facebook to market to customers. More and more companies are putting time -and in some cases- money behind their Facebook pages and presence on Facebook.

Click here to view the presentation slides from our November 18, 2010 Luncheon: Angel Investing 101.  Speaker: Mike Drzal, LeClair Ryan.  Angel investors account for the majority of seed and early-stage investments in technology start-ups, a national trend that shows no sign of abating.  In this presentation, Mike Drzal discussed:  Various organizational models used by organized angel groups in Virginia and elsewhere; How much can be raised from angel investors; Special challenges associated with successful angel investing; Typical angel investor deal terms; Tips for the entrepreneur in approaching angels and getting deals done


Click here to view the presentation slides from our June 23,2010 Luncheon:  The Seven Secrets of Social Media for Small Businesses.  Speaker:  Rob Hustick, VP of Social Media and Digital Strategy for SusQtech, helped identify and demystify the social media tools and services that even the most techno-phobic business owners can immediately master and quickly leverage to find new customers, increase revenue and broaden their brand’s awareness. 

Our sincere thanks to Rob Hustick for sharing his presentation online.

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