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How to Vote for the People's Choice Award #SVTCPC17

Who's your favorite for the Serco People's Choice Award? Pick one of the 35 nominees and then vote for them using #SVTCPC17 on FB | Twitter | Instagram. Voting has started!!

Remind yourself: Who are the 35 nominees?

How-To-Vote & Good to Know:

  • Nominees from all categories are candidates — and the company, organization, or individual with the most votes through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using the hashtag #SVTCPC17 *before* and *during* Tech Nite will win. (Caveat:  A nominee cannot win twice)
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using your own profile/account (set to 'public') using the nominee's name and the hashtag #SVTCPC17
  • Automated posts, tweets, and retweets (‘bots’) not allowed
  • The winner will be revealed at Tech Nite 17. (Make a reservation for a ticket or a table)
  • We will tally the "votes" ( = number of times a nominee appeared in a post together with the hashtag #SVTCPC17) through the "magic of technology" (--> a service that will gather the hashtag results from across the three social media platforms for us, and they will then be displayed during the gala on the screens in the ballroom.)

Some sample voting ideas (incl. but not limited to):

  1.  For someone else:
    • I vote for [nominee name or handle] for the Serco #SVTCPC17
    • [nominee name or handle] is the best and should totally win the Serco #SVTCPC17
    • Congratulations, [@nominee name or handle] you should win #SVTCPC17 on May 3
  2. Self-vote:
    • We are nominated for the Serco #SVTCPC17 on May 3 and think we should win :-)
    • Our [job title] is nominated for the Serco Tech Nite award and we believe she is the best and should win the #SVTCPC17

Questions?  email info@svtc-va.org or call 540.568.7882